Mar 15, 2001 - Nibbles    No Comments

I’m home. I’m feeling pretty good. I have a plan, and I have support. I keep forgetting to print out the “read the Bible” in a year schedule, which keeps me from reading. Poor excuse I know. We’re going dancing friday night, and I’ll crash there. We have an agreement that nothing will happen. I need that. I want to get my life back into order. I don’t know why the brothers haven’t gotten together with me to talk, but I’m considering it as time to get it together for real. I know I’m probably dreaming that I could make it back in this time around, but I’m going to use this meeting as a booster. I need to put a solid plan into action and I know the best defense is my personal study. Reading the bible, my magazines, and studying my lessons.

Sunday I’m supposed to go with Curtis to a Lutheran church. I’m wary to say the least. I wish there was some kind of way for him to see how I love who I am spiritual wise. I like where I am. I believe what I believe. I like the way I worship, the place and people I worship with. I like the standards I wish to live by.

Well I’ve got to run. Chowing down on dinner, running to the tanning bed, and then the meeting.

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