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Jul 18, 2002 - Nibbles    No Comments

Well I’m sitting here at work with a headache, and slightly bummed I guess.

I’m tired of a couple of things:

1.) Meeting guys who aren’t witnesses.

2.) Having a guy who talks to other girls on and other sites, yet pretends to be loyal to me.

3.) Not having someone to be loyal to myself. Someone to love, and dream about a future with.

So what’s happened since my last post in January? Well, Josh turned out to be an absolute jerk. Brad reincarnated.

I was offered a job with and accepted. I moved and started on April 1st.

I started hanging out with Mat here at work, have totally enjoyed his company. Then he announced he was moving back home to Seattle. Considered following. Still I guess considering moving, more based on my forthcoming renewed lack of interest in Dallas/Fort Worth ironically cooresponding to the date Mat moves.

I’m tired of games and paths to no where and wonder if it isn’t all my own fault. I could walk a different road, and choose another path. Insert thought of moving to Rome with Shelly.

Here’s to my discontented walk with life.