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fickle fuddled words confuse me

in your mind there are so many reason we’re not compatible. you live in a world of dichotomies.

[Dichotomies are common in Western thought. C.P. Snow believes that Western
society has become an argument culture. In The Argument Culture (1998), Deborah
Tannen suggests that the dialogue of Western culture is characterized by a
warlike atmosphere in which the winning side has truth (like a trophy). In such
a dialogue, the middle alternatives are virtually ignored.]

because i like the beach and you do not you falsely create logic that we’re not compatible. you presume that an Italian vacation involves a large portion of sitting on a beach. In my
mind, it is quite the oppoite. but why bother trying to convince you otherwise? your reality is what you make it. you live in your own reality. the rest of us are merely reflections of people who are players in the makeup of the reality you devise. so because it is my job
to create the fallacy’s you create (especially since you have rejected me based on these fallacies) i will correct you yet again. in my mind several days (an undetermined number, flexible based on our preferences at the time) in Cinque Terre. First day would start with the ‘beach’ day in Monterosso. Just a day to be close to each other, to plan our journey to reconnect, to relax. The days to follow would be hiking the Italian Riveria. Nude beaches inbetween to provide respite from the heat you fear. I thought of taking a cooking course, since I thought you’d love that. This is where I come to the point where I realize that you never considered this vacation as something that we’d plan. That you could have what you wanted, if only you could tell me what that was. You just assumed the worst, whatever for you that would be. So we are not compatible for silly reasons such as I love movies and you don’t. That I love sunshine and warm shoulders, and you don’t. You probably haven’t realized it yet, but you could tell me that you could never marry me because I dream of a beautiful house with cherry apple blossom trees in the yard… you’d consider that a deal breaker because of your allergies, but you’d not consider that it was negotiable. that’s just the way you are. you speak in absolutes and you translate the gradients of lifes meaning into black and white.

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