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Last night I went to eat at “Baffetto 2” again. I took my book, Suite Française, and was seated solo on the alley at a table adjoining another. A lovely and elegant Italian woman and her friend, a Frenchman, were seated beside me. They noticed my book, and conversation ensued which carried us through the rest of the evening.

This morning at noon, I met them for coffee to discuss their recommendations for travel in Tuscany. I was thoroughly embarrassed to have arrived nearly ten minutes late. In any case, Cesarina and I are to meet again tomorrow at 11.30 for coffee and conversation.

This evening I’m meeting Rachel and we don’t have any plans as of yet.

I am also a bit sheepish to report that I’m pleased that I cleared out my email inbox—there is just something liberating to know that you’re not entirely behind! However I still have a growing list of things to do cluttering my mind, most importantly I need to transcribe the Ode on a Grecian Urn, and the Archaic Torso into my journal and memorize them!

1 Comment

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