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Fallen Angel

When all the world falls down at your feet
But it isn’t the whole world really, just yours
The heart is sadden, the spirit downtrodden
And you’re left to wonder why must you go on

Such a complicated web of relationships
Where not one can be trusted to be unbiased in all
The lover is the co-worker of whom you’re ashamed to see you in all your failure
To know that his business would be better off without you
To wonder if that’s why he’d send you to Rome

A friend who began as a mentor, an excuse for cocktails really
A competitor, another to whom you’re too ashamed to admit how far you’ve fallen
Who peers into your personal life, where you’ve let her in
And even there she pities you, all you’ve become and all that’s been done
For you’d she cry and it breaks your heart

A mother who hoped that her daughter would have so much more
Who told stories of terror and fear and complacency, of getting by
Who thought that none of this would be befall us
Who would be so terribly disappointed to learn the truth
Disappointed to know I’ve become everything she’s wished not

A pal who’s like a brother, who at the same time he envies you he laments your decline
To whom it seems ungrateful to complain, after all I take for granted what he seeks to obtain
Who jokes the jokes that strike the deepest
Of who you’ve been told you treat beneath you
Who’s devotion is taken for granted each time the sun shines on you

And a best friend who strikes at what matters most
The core of who you remember once being
The one who watched you fall an angel from grace
The one who could truly say you’ve risen from the ashes
The one who put the last nail in the coffin, confirmed all that you are and are not

There’s a candle burning in the world tonight
For another child who vanished out of sight
And a heart is broken, another prayer in vain
There’s a million tears that fill a sea of pain

Sometimes I stare out my window
My thoughts all drift into space
Sometimes I wonder if there’s a better place

Tell me, where do fallen angels go
I just don’t know
Where do fallen angels go
They keep falling, falling, falling…

Now the times is frightening
Can’t ignore the facts
There’s so many people
Just slippin’ through the cracks

So many ashes are scattered
So many rivers run dry
Sometimes your Heaven is Hell and you don’t know why

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