Aug 22, 2007 - Nibbles    No Comments

i just remembered…

one of the most awesome things about being single – traveling on a whim! i’m looking at tickets for two weeks out.

side note:
had coffee with a friend this morning and after chatting he told me about a choice he made for a girl. he asked if brian would ever do the same for me. i realized i had just posted about that (was it last night?). but’s that’s not really what i’m about. i know what brian is about, i’ve known from the beginning. i’m not going to try to have him compromise his career to take care of my needs. at the same time, i’d like to think that i take care of (or remain aware of) my own, but it’s a choice i make to be with him. i believe that one day there will be time for more travel, or living somewhere with some god damn sunshine. but hey, to be with brian means being in seattle. so i guess the answer is no, but i think maybe one day. but either way, i’m no dummie.

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