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tonight i went to happy hour with Kei and Chris. i did manage to get five tickets for all us to Young Frankenstein.

i was sitting there at seven when i checked my phone to find out that i had missed meeting up with Olivia. i had had it scheduled for tomorrow, and inadvertantly stood her up. i paid my bill and raced over to the spa to meet her.

afterwards we went to the mall, and she had me go into Tiffany’s and another jewlery store. she wanted to see watches (for paul) and necklaces and earrings. nobody but me knows, but shes buying us the amazing three diamond necklaces and matching earrings. the necklaces are almost $700 each. i didn’t see how much the earrings are. when she told me i told her that they are amazing, but that we love her and that nobody expects that… that if she needs to cut back that they should be the first to go! (she isn’t thinking of it, but thought i could help…) i guess i’m just stunned. no one, no one, has ever been so generous to me before. i don’t own jewelry that expensive, let alone a friend spending over a $1,000 on me! i’m stunned and humbled.

we went from there to ann taylor where i ordered $300 worth of shoes to find one pair that might work. i don’t know why, but they are all $100+ a pair. that’s as much as the dress… but oh well, its nothing compared to what she’s spending. then the lady at the counter said that i could have free shipping if i had an ann taylor card. well, brian owns the card. i looked over at olivia and then realized that it was just easier to call. so i broke the pact and called brian to get his social security number so they could look up the card. then i was just flabbergasted. he was so warm and happy and friendly and easy going. it kills me. my heart wonders if he is reaching out to me, if he misses me. then there is the insecure cynical me that “realizes” that he’s just giving me the nice guy routine, or treating me as a friend, as in here’s my effort because i don’t love you anymore but we can still be friends, right?

olivia and i went to sushi and reed called. he had texted a couple of times tonight. oli and then went upstairs for a bit and i made her tea. she left just before 11 so i could get on this crazy late night conf call i’m on right now.

so yeah, i tried hard to not think of brian today, but i saw him pulling into the garage… i looked right past him, but his face went from a huge smile to flat when he turned and saw me. and then he left his laptop sitting on the table in the conference room as we were all leaving and i had to try so hard not to care, to go over and collect his things or call and see if i should grab it for him. i mean, reasonably, he wasn’t far, but still it was in me to take care of it, of him.

also i stopped this morning on the way into the office to get a mini bottle of advil or tylenol for my purse because brian has said several times lately (and boy it kills every time) that real women always carry pain medicine. well it came in handy because miwa needed some and i had it for her. as she sat down (on the other side of Brian across the aisle) she thanked me and i smiled at her, and realized that brian was looking thinking that maybe i meant him. i think he figured out that i was looking past him, but it just sucked and at the same time maybe it made him feel good for a moment that i was smiling so genuinely, and then crushed to realize it wasn’t for him.

i have to say i feel bad that i wanted him to hurt, but i think in reflection it’s just that i wanted him to realize that he cared. that he cared that my smile wasn’t for him, and maybe there would be a moment where he wished it were for him.

okay, his name has been mentioned several times now in this call. i can’t escape him!

moving on – ok, so i’m planning out my time, both until the end of the month (i’m not going to assume that brian will be done then, but it’s a starting point to plan against) and through the end of september when i start my final quarter as a graduating senior.

mike texted earlier. i called him back after olivia left. he was waiting to board. he said he’d be there for the next hour, but i think he’ll have boarded already. honestly i’d rather not talk to him tonight, i’d rather just stick with my sad thoughts about brian.

oh, tonight made me realize just how much i distrusted brian’s intentions. he bought me the gift certificate from gene juarez (where i started tonight with olivia) and then he comes with a necklace (and i was there too… and said to her that i could never imagine him in there, she said paul or omar either, and i smiled to myself when i realized i could picture him in there far more than them; an odd kind of pride). i don’t know why guys buy gifts when they feel bad or they’ve hurt you. its so sad. why couldn’t he have bought me lingerie when he thought i was irresistable?! or a necklace when he still thought that he was going to marry me?

separately on another tangent it bothers me that i have yet, in our entire relationship, found a meaningful gift for him. i just found one for eilon – but brian, nope. i know that the cabinet was really thoughtful and that it rocks (from a functionality, duration of giving back kind of way) but that’s like getting a vacuum cleaner… or not quite as bad.

last night, did i mention, that i hurried home hoping that he hadn’t tried coming over after the show and gave up because i wasn’t there? i don’t know. but i did. i’m so pathetic. i just love him and want to huggle and snuggle and love him.

i know it’s the right thing to give him time and space, but i’ve felt so unloved (and boring) for so long that i don’t know how long i can hang on. i’m afraid the spirit of our love will have died inside me. at this point it’s all i can do. it just has hurt for so long that i think it’s burned my heart leaving a few embers in ashes.

i think this is why we keep going as we do. classic us is to get back together again, but neither of us has enough constitution to stick out necks out and give more and love until the other can love back. we’re both just too freaking scared and we hobble along until someone gives up and backs up again and then we start the next roller coast dive.

what i wouldn’t give for security. how ironic that i felt most secure when i was in actuality the most insecure.

oh well. who knew i’d be looking forward through the end of summer to school just so i could dive in again. it’ll carry me to the new year, and then i can do whatever i want or need to do.

oh, i have an interview being set up. i’m not certain i really want to – it might really mess with the little clarity i’m trying to work on, but i guess it’s not bad to continue furthering my options.

when i called rachel she was at dinner (she’s just gotten back from india) and hasn’t called me back. i checked out flights today, and like mike know that i was thinking of going. that worries me, i think that i need to establish what seems to be a foregone conclusion, but i’m really tired of thinking i’m safe and that i know where things stand and being slapped in the face. he’s supposed to be back in seattle mid-september or so anyway, so maybe i’ll just do a weekend with rachel and then see him on my own turf.

oh, another side note. i have a perverse daydream of what i’d do to the next guy who tries to take advantage of me in some way. i think about all the options, and i’m working up my mental imagery so i can see it through if ever given (or i should say when i’m given) the opportunity to see my daydream in reality. i think i had a breakthrough moment when i realized that i am afraid of fighting back, of what “he” might do (whoever he should be) to me. i guess it goes back to being fearful of brad, but to be honest i feel like it could be a relief to be hit or something. no body feels sorry for the girl who was taken advantage of who doesn’t have bruises… she should have fought back. let me castrate you mother fucker and then you can knock me fucking in the face. i’ll have my day.

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