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fremont and belltown

i had lunch with Jeremy at this barbeque place that was really quite good in Pioneer Square. It was on First and might be called Longhorn or something. They serve sweet tea, which was a perk. Anyway I was then headed to Dad Watson’s which was my original intention after my violin lesson, before getting sidetracked to have lunch with Jeremy. I was crusing down First and then passed Cherry Street. Earlier I had considered my old haunt, Uptown Espresso, but I just wasn’t in the mood for coffee… I love the tea at Dad Watson’s. But lemonade, now that’s a whole ‘nother thing! I circled the block looking for parking (and in a split moment when making the decision realized that I wasn’t quite sure how to get to Fremont from Belltown, I always come the opposite route). I circle all the way around back to a spot in front of the church. Then I start to feel bad. As I pay for my parking I start to feel bad…

Am I on his turf. Is it uncomfortable to be so close? What if he drives right by here? I reason that it’s easier to get to Capital Hill later for the show. It’s easier to park here. I can’t believe I’m going through these thoughts. I can’t believe I can’t go where I want in this city. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s not my city, maybe it’s his. I used to hang out in Belltown quite a bit before we met. Top Pot, Uptown, Wasabi, Shorties (yuck!), The Waterfront, The Edgewater bar… but somehow now I feel uncomfortable and I’m sitting here thinking of leaving. Cherry Street is on the shady side of the street anyway. It’s kind of cold here. Maybe I’ll get my 2 hour meters worth out of it and then run.

Is it any wonder I can’t stand the thought of staying if we’re not together. Who’d get what neighborhoods in the breakup? I claim dibs on Fremont but, he’s had a longer claim than I have even if I spend more time there lately. UW is obviously mine with no debate. Cap Hill would be mine. But I guess I’d have to give up Belltown. Sorry – I’d put up a fight for that. But not today, it’s too windy and cold.

Damn it. I was in a great mood too. I should have turned off 1st in Pioneer Square. I never should have driven through here. And I shouldn’t be sitting here now. I think I’d have a heart attack if he wandered across me. Geez, this is messed up isn’t it?

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