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i wanted to have children with him

11/28/08 i was in love just a few hours ago. and keeping a secret. i’ve never really had a pregnancy scare before. now i’m late. going on three days. a website lets you track your period, and therefore i know that i am VERY consistent.

stickel just left. i am a wreck. i think the clonazepam is taking affect. i feel calmer. i am trying hard not to reach out. to dan. to her. to her sister. i’m trying hard, but i feel so out of control. i went to take a pregnancy test, one that i had from when Nikki was pregnant, but it wasn’t there. instead there was a plan b box in the container. it totally struck me. too far past to be able to do anything about it (and where did the plan b come from?!).

i was a coward. i didn’t tell him straigh

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